The Cumberland Wood Bank depends upon your generous donations of wood and cash or equipment for our sustainability.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Wood Donations

Due to the limits of a volunteer workforce and making the most of their available time, we have needed to put some criteria in place in order to best serve those we help.

Our number one priority is to provide those in need the freedom to not have to choose between eating and heating.

1.  We only accept hardwood species. We do not accept any softwoods.  Softwoods have needles versus leaves and include pine, spruce, and hemlock.  We love Oak, Maple, Beech, Elm, and some birch and poplar.

2. The trees must be on the ground and the wood must be clean and free of major decay.  (Would you want to receive it as a paying customer?)

3.  If you are having a tree company or logging operation take the trees down, it is preferable for all parties to have them deliver the wood to our staging area at 46 Walnut Hill Parkway, N. Yarmouth (R.A.Pierce Excavating shop at end of the road). If that is not possible, we can discuss alternative options.  If we are to collect the wood, we cannot guarantee collection by a given date but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We are truly a volunteer organization.  

4. Logs greater than 20 inches in diameter can be cut to a maximum length of 16 inches. Smaller diameter logs can be as long as 25 feet to efficiently run through the processor.  Short logs must be cut by hand versus through the processor.

5.  If you have a volume equal to or greater than a full truck load, please contact us prior to delivery to determine the best location for the logs. 

Donating your Labor

Volunteers are always welcome and needed!  The best way to start is to sign up for our emails and to look at our events schedule here.  Click the button on the home page or click the button here and choose WBCrew.  Whether you’re 16 or 76, we always have something for you to do.  You don’t have to own a chainsaw or even know how to run one.  We are very safety conscious and we all look after each other.  Those under 18 must include adult supervision.  All new volunteers must read and sign our safety documents posted on this site. Please print and bring signed copies when you come the first time.

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Cash Donations

Our mission is to provide wood to anyone in need who can burn wood, in our local communities.  Also, to sell additional wood at or slightly above a commercial dealer price with 100% of the revenue going to fuel assistance for those who can’t burn wood.  Cash donations to our operating account are used for fuel, maintenance, repairs, safety supplies, and training.  Many expenses have been absorbed by our volunteers.

Please make check Payable to:  Cumberland Wood Bank – memo Operating Account, PO Box 247, Cumberland, ME 04021

For fuel assistance – memo FIREWOOD

For specific questions call Bill 207-653-6789 or Bruce 207-370-8210.

. 100% of the funds raised through the sale of  firewood is used to purchase fuel for those who cannot burn wood