Wood Bankquet


Our 5th Annual Wood Bankquet

January 21, 2017, Congregational Church of Cumberland

5:30 – 6:00 Arrive    6:00 pm Dinner

Purpose:  To honor and recognize all who support our efforts.  To provide a free hot meal for those in need.  To raise funds to continue operations.  To make new friends and to re-connect with old friends….and to have FUN!

Please RSVP Here

This year, we hope to raise at least $15,000 by the end of the bankquet to establish an endowment for perpetuity that will ensure the ability for the woodbank to continue operations.  Every year we have pledged 100% of the revenue from the sale of firewood to fuel assistance.  Every year, our volunteers and supporters cover operational expenses incurred.  There is no reserve for a major equipment failure or other contingency.  After starting this ten years ago, I will remain involved on a limited basis but will retire as Chairman as of the Bankquet.  My goal is to leave with the funds in place to ensure its continuity.  The $15k+ will be placed in an investment account to generate growth and income that will be used for annual operating expenses.  Any money used from the $15k reserve must be replaced within the same year.  Any surplus funds beyond operating expenses above the $15k will be available for additional fuel assistance during difficult seasons.  We have $5000 pledged to match $1 for every $2 raised through the raffle and bankquet, getting us to the $15k.  Your support in this effort is greatly appreciateds.  If you wish further information, please feel free to contact Bruce at 747-2868 x 500.

Be sure to enter the raffle:

$10 for one ticket, $50 for six tickets, $100 for fourteen tickets.

First Prize:

stihl-ms250a brand new Stihl chainsaw MS 250, plus chaps and a helmet system  $500 value


Second Prize:

Closeup of unrecognizable adults holding glass of red wine and performing visual examination. Evaluating appearance, color, clarity, residue on the glass. There are wine bottles and other wine samples in background.
Gourmet dinner for two provided by Mark Fortin at the Foodstop.  Includes select cuts of steaks, sides, and a choice wine pairing for the most discriminating tastes.  Meal provided for you to cook in your own kitchen.   $100+ value

Third Prize:

Two-wheeled log carrier

$100 value