Donating Wood

We rely on hardwood donations to help keep community members warm. If you feel your wood meets donation guidelines below, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Firewood is either donated to a family in need who burns wood, or for purchase to other community members. 100% of proceeds from the sale of firewood funds the purchase of alternative fuel assistance.

Wood Quality

We accept clean hardwood donations free of rot and metal. Please note, wood must be from trees already (or scheduled to be) cut or from storm damage. We also accept non-used firewood. The Cumberland Wood Bank does not cut, or pay to cut, standing trees.

WE CAN ACCEPT hardwood species such as maple, oak, elm, ash, birch, cherry, walnut, apple, beech.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT softwoods such as pine, spruce, hemlock or any other tree with cones or needles vs. leaves.

Log & Firewood Accepted Dimensions

Logs can be any length. Logs greated than 24” in diameter may be refused due to processing equipment limits. Already split wood, such as firewood, must be stove length up to 16”. Any wood over 16” must be in a separate pile for donation purposes.


WORKSITE DELIVERY: As we are a small volunteer-run, non-profit organization, we request individuals consider donating their wood directly to our worksite. If you are having trees cut down, you may be able to coordinate this directly with your arborist. Wood may not be delivered to the worksite without prior approval, as we will ask you to unload logs in a specific location based on size and type.

PICK UP: We have a 10 mile radius from our worksite, located at 46 Walnut Hill Road in North Yarmouth, Maine, for pick-up requests. We’re happy to try and coordinate with our volunteers, when possible, to pick up your donation. We may request a donation toward the cost associated with picking up, and reserve the right to inspect the wood prior to commitment.

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Please include a description of your donation. The more information you can give, the better we can assess your donation. Examples of helpful information includes the type of wood if known, if the wood is cut down or from a storm, length/diameter of logs/firewood etc.


46 Walnut Hill Parkway
North Yarmouth, ME 04097