Donations & In-Kind Gift Opportunities

Your gift - large or small - makes a big difference in the lives of our community members. We accept donations online and by mail, as well as in-kind donations. Learn more below.

Donate Online

Donate by mail

If you would prefer to send your donation by check, you can do so through either option below.

Congregational Church in Cumberland
Please make checks payable to the Congregational Church in Cumberland, with “Cumberland Wood Bank” in the memo.

  • Cumberland Wood Bank
    C/O Congregational Church in Cumberland
    46 Walnut Hill Parkway
    North Yarmouth, ME 04097

Maine Woodland Owners
Please make checks payable to Maine Woodland Owners, with “Cumberland Wood Bank” in the memo.

  • Maine Woodland Owners
    C/O Cumberland Wood Bank
    Po Box 836
    August, ME 04332-0836

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The Cumberland Wood Bank accepts in-kind donations on a limited basis. Donations must be directly related to the acquiring, processing, or distribution of wood. If you feel your in-kind donation can benefit the Cumberland Wood Bank, please contact us at (207) 747-2868 or email us at with “In-Kind Donation” as the subject.

Donors are required to obtain a qualified appraisal complying with IRS regulations for the purpose of establishing value for federal income tax purposes. This includes the preparation of Form 8283, required for non-cash charitable contributions. The Cumberland Wood Bank / Congregational Church in Cumberland / Maine Woodland Owners does not pay for legal, tax, appraisals or other services on behalf of the donor. For more information on claiming a charitable deduction for gifts in-kind, please contact your tax preparer.