As one of the largest wood banks in New England, the Cumberland Wood Bank provides non-judgmental, non-denominational, non-governmental assistance to our local communities. We help 25-40 local families each year. Our volunteers include all ages and abilities. We have a very dedicated crew of About 15 men and women, with 20-30 other occasional volunteers.  

Our Mission

Ensure no one ever has to choose between heating and eating.

Our story

In the Fall of 2007, a recent widow with no furnace and a small wood stove, needed firewood. The minister of a local church asked a neighbor who burned wood if he could provide some. He did and then he and the church bought a truckload of logs to process enough firewood to keep her warm for the winter, which produced extra firewood. He sold the extra firewood and gave the proceeds to the minister to use for others in need of fuel assistance. This was the beginning of the Cumberland Wood Bank.

Over the years, volunteers have come forth to help process the wood. Others have donated downed trees and logs. Soon the Wood Bank was processing and distributing 35 cords a year, selling much of the wood at market price and using 100% of the proceeds for fuel assistance.  

Due to the ever increasing demand and volume of wood being processed, a capital campaign to raise money for a dump trailer and wood processor was launched. Through grants and donations we acquired both, plus 5 chainsaws, a log splitter, safety gear, and money to operate for part of a year.  

In recent years, due to this equipment, we have collected, processed, and distributed over 100 cords per year. Our annual Woodbankquet in January raises money for operations. We continue to use 100% of our proceeds from firewood sales to support fuel assistance for those who can't burn wood.  

In 2017, after founding and running the Wood Bank for 10 years, Our founder retired as Chairman and committed to establishing an endowment fund to ensure enough capital was maintained in reserve to cover major repairs and ongoing operational expenses for perpetuity.  


The Cumberland Wood Bank is supported through the Congregational Church in Cumberland, but provides non-denominational support for all community members. Individuals who want to donate but cannot make donations through religious organizations, may send donations to the Maine Woodland Owners. Please see our donations page for full information.  

Donations are currently being accepted to reach our goal of $20,000.